My Latest Horror Novel: Hyenas

Sellars evokes both classic literature and classic horror in this post-apocalyptic debut novel.

What at first seems to be a zombie scenario, somewhere between Dawn of the Dead and 28 Days Later, masks a dynamic portrait of literature and disability. Of course, fans of the adrenaline and gore of more traditional post-apocalyptic zombie fare will find themselves right at home here.

A stirring additon to the zombie canon.

Kirkus Reviews

Relentless, disturbing, and moving, HYENAS is a superb spin on post-apocalyptic nightmares: Terrifying monsters, sympathetic characters, and a zombie-fighting militia led by a Beatles obsessive.

What’s not to love?

Peter Atkins

Screenwriter of Hellbound: Hellraiser II, and author of Morningstar and Big Thunder

Think post-apocalyptic. Think zombies. Think action horror. Then turn all of that on its head and dig deeper to expose what this book is really about: the tragedy of losing one’s identity when the joy of language is lost.

In Hyenas, Sellars has written a tragi-comedy, poignant and riddled with metaphor, and in doing so has provided the most unique What if? scenario I have ever read.

Catherine McCarthy

Author of Immortelle, and Mists and Megaliths

Hyenas a horror novel by Michael Sellars

michael sellars


What Lurks Amongst the Shelves?

Five months ago, the apocalyptic Jolt turned the majority of mankind into the atavistic savages Jay Garvey calls Hyenas, on account of their insane, shrieking laughter.

A terrified Jay is tempted from his bolt-hole in a Liverpool bookshop when he learns the whereabouts of the only boat that hasn’t been scuttled by the deranged militia leader known as Sergeant Pepper.

As a brutal winter closes in, Jay and the small band of survivors he encounters along the way, the Book Club, must avoid death and capture to take advantage of this single, slim window of escape.


… a very taut and very well-written suspense piece… a reflection on what makes us real. Recommended.

Tangent Online

Written in Water


… recalls the tone and feel of many of the most vivid pieces written about World War One.

Tangent Online


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